Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A birthday and gifts in the mail

On Sunday, Greg turned 31. I was sad that we couldn't be together to celebrate, although, true to form, he didn't even remember it was his birthday until he noticed all of the emails in his inbox that morning. So anyway, Happy Birthday to my favorite person ever! I feel incredibly lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with you. You're my best friend, etc., and that's really great. I love you.

Greg is in the middle of a move to a different area right now, so he shipped us a box of stuff he doesn't need anymore, like books he's read, CD's he's loaded into his iPod, and the like. We picked up the box at the post office yesterday, and there were two little boxes tucked inside for the children.

The Iraqi children like to play dominoes, so Greg picked the boys up a set, which was a big hit:

I used to have a set when I was little, and loved setting them up in neat rows, and making trails of them to push over.

For Lavella, there was this pretty little silver box:

Containing an even prettier bracelet:

She was rather impressed. She was strutting around the house all day feeling the bracelet and saying "Daddy! Here, Daddy!"

Andrew, Elijah and Lavella say "Thank you, Daddy, for the cool new stuff!"

Lavella also got a box from Aunt Mary Ann. Remember the shoes that didn't fit? Well, Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob made good on their promise for another pair:

Pink, suede boots. They have criss-cross lace-ups in the back, but I didn't want to make her mad by rolling her pants up. She has very definite ideas about fashion, and since she was being so good and happy I didn't feel like disturbing her at that moment. Thank you Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob!

(Another Andrew picture -- this one is entirely uncropped!)

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Mom2Zoey said...

Happy Birthday Greg!
Andrew is turning into quite the little photographer!

Anonymous said...

How sweet with the dominos and bracelet! Greg, Keith and I used to play dominos. Great picture, Andrew!


a.susie said...

I LOVE dominos! They are even fun to just hold in your hands!...the white heavy ones. L's bracelet is lovely and as far as the shoes go...no...we don't upset the baby when she is happy!

Rachel R. said...

Wow Andrew is really good at taking pictures now. Cool domino s and bracelet. They are all so cute.