Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Discovering flowers

Thank you to Alicia and Beka, who have taken the time to respond to my previous post.  It was inspiring and encouraging to read about how other mothers make their days work.  (If you haven't yet, I encourage you to click the links above and check out their posts!)

If you haven't noticed yet, I'll bring your attention to the pregnancy ticker above.  There's one less week than there "should" be.  This is because, during her visit to my house last week, my midwife officially moved my date to December 18th(ish).  While nothing is set in stone, of course, and I've gone anywhere from more than a week early to more than a week late, this gives me a shorter window of time than I thought.  This would put me at 31 weeks, with 9 weeks to go.  Oh goodness.  I should probably start taking belly pictures at some point.

Today in science we were learning about the anatomy of a flower, so after we were done with all of the reading and copywork for the day (our homeschool day is "officailly" 2 hours long, ending at 12 noon), we went outside in search of flowers.

Living in Germany, there is no shortage of roses, specifically, and there are always plenty of roses blooming, even almost into the winter.  We visited the rose garden that's planted around a fountain near our house with magnifying glass in hand.

Elijah, checking out a rosehip with his magnifying glass

Andrew with a leaf that's bigger than his head

Running round and round is one of the most important parts of any good field trip

Lavella, looking non-plussed

I had thrown a loaf of bread in the oven just before we stepped out, so our time was limited, but we brought the last of the old bread with us to make the all important stop at the Duck Bridge.

Something that's always funny to me is that, while the bread and muffins or whatever that we bring to throw is past it's prime, with seemingly no more call for it, the children always make a snack out of this visit, eating almost as much as they throw.  They never actually eat MOULDY bread, but it's certainly not fresh or anything.  Somehow it seems that it must just be more enticing out in the wild, and since the ducks are excited about it, why not?  Makes perfect sense.

We got back home just in time to pull a (very deep golden) loaf out of the oven, then headed straight back out with granola bars to sustain us and played until the raindrops began to fall.  (Here in Germany, during the colder seasons, we see more rain than anything else, so it's essential to enjoy the sunlight while it lasts!)

Speaking of bread, I haven't forgotten about posting the recipe.  I will.  Soon., not tonight.
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Aunt Terry said...

Hi, The baby could be coming on Grandpa Sam's and Grandma Annette's Anniversary--Dec. 19. Love and miss you all, Aunt Terry