Sunday, October 05, 2008

Learning to ride

Just now, I was finishing up an email to Greg, and through the baby monitor heard the boys playing a little wildly in our room. Suddenly Andrew started crying really hard like something was horribly wrong. I was thinking maybe a broken arm, or a toe snapped off or something. I ran with Lavella to see what the trouble was, and he came to meet me holding the side of his head (which was not bleeding). Once he'd calmed down enough, he was able to tell me that he'd collided with Elijah's head. There was total silence in our room, so I was imagining that maybe Elijah was knocked out by the impact or something. I asked if Elijah was OK. Andrew said "yeah, he's fine". I went in our room, and Elijah was just walking out with the masqurade mask on (shiny blue from our New Year's Eve party) and a non-descript look on his face. "Did you guys hit your heads together?"
Elijah: "Yeah"
"Did you get hurt?"
"Um.." (started to cry, then though about it for a minute, stopped and smiled) "nope."

In other news, Andrew learned to ride his bike this week! I still have to give him a push-start, but he can balance on his own after about a week of wobbling and being scared. He's actually progressed to circles around our courtyard, but in this video there's about 2 seconds of him cruising across after I push him.

And then here are two other videos of Lavella and Elijah riding too.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,

Good job learning how to ride your two-wheeler. I remember when my dad (Great Grandpop from Florida) took the training wheels off my bike and pushed me. I was five like you are, but that was a loooong time ago. You'll have lots of fun riding around.