Friday, March 06, 2009

1st haircut (and some other firsts)

Two days ago, Lavella got her first haircut. Well, I suppose it was more of a trim:

As you can see, I only took about an inch off of the back, but it really neatened things up and I think her hair looks even cuter now (is that even possible?)

Sorry, not the greatest shot, but she was watching a video and wasn't in the mood to be photographed.

I keep forgetting to blog this, but Jonah rolled over for the first time at the beginning of last week. He had woken up from his nap, and I let him fuss for a few minutes, trying to finish something. When I went in there, he was looking confused, lying on his back (I put my babies to sleep on their tummies. Sue me.)

Another first -- Jonah giggled for the first time on Sunday! I got him to laugh at me while saying " GUY!!" over and over, and probably he was just openly mocking me, but we'll just say it was genuine amusement. Now every time Elijah thinks of it, he says "Hey Mommy! Let's say You Are My Little Guy to Jonah and make him laugh!!!" Of course it's only ever worked that one time, but Elijah likes chanting it anyway.

Jonah has finally started to enjoy his bouncy seat.

He's noticed the toys hanging over it, and seems to think they're pretty cool.

Andrew giving Jonah a kiss

I love the way that my other children are so excited about Jonah. Every new thing that he does is So Cool, and they want to kiss and rub his little head and talk to him every time he's in the room. Elijah, especially, is kind of all about violent love -- you know, the kisses with gritted teeth, hugs that have a locked jaw, and rubbing the top of his fuzz just a little too hard. Lavella, on the other hand, always wants to cover him with blankets. This means that I have to be careful about leaving blankets on the edge of his crib, or else they'll likely get thrown in on his head. Andrew likes the thrill of holding him "himself". If I position Jonah just so, Andrew can hold him upright while standing for about .3 seconds, and then kind of chucks him back at me. Good times.

Jonah turned 11 weeks old yesterday. My gosh, he's nearly half grown already!


a.susie said...

Yeah, I was a "tummy-mommy"...

Mom2Zoey said...

I had Delaney's hair trimmed about two months ago. I didn't want to do it but it was just all in her eyes. Poor thing. Afterwards she looked so grown up! Agh!
I'm worse. My babies slept in their car seats until they were 3 months old and then on their tummy's after that. So, they can sue us both.