Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh bother.

I'm tired of getting sick. I'm tired of being sick. And I'm sooooo tired of these "hey! Guess what?!! Yup, sick again!!" updates, but unfortunately...yes, I caught the stomach bug too. Bleah. Thankfully, I have a few recipes typed up for you that I've been meaning to share for a while, so, while I don't actually want to think about food right now, it won't hurt me any to share some pre-written stuff. Post to follow!


The Kansas City Hoovers said...

Being sick and dealing with sick kids is not fun. You seem to be getting hit pretty hard and my prayers go out to you. Thankfully this year has been pretty uneventfull in the sick department. Last year we had the flu several times!! Hang in there warm weather is around the corner.

Mom2Zoey said...

Oh No! I hope you all feel better quick! We will be praying for you.