Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chocolate and aprons and sick little guys

Elijah and Andrew are now sick. Andrew doesn't have a fever, but has been visiting the bathroom more often than usual (I'll spare the details), and Elijah is feeling hot and has started throwing up. I kept finding Elijah asleep in different places in the house. Poor little dude.

I've determined that they do not lick the floor in childcare, but instead must be eating snacks off the bottoms of their shoes. (Sort-of related side-note: at a restaurant a few weeks ago Lavella dropped a few french fries under the table. A little later I was letting her walk around, and suddenly noticed her picking up the french fries WITH HER LIPS. ~sigh~)

Lavella appears to be pretty much done with this sick business, but her whining has gotten so terrible that she will now just stand in the middle of the floor and scream, louder and louder and louder until I do something about it (which I can't always do right away -- sadly, although I now have four children, I still seem to only have two arms)

It hasn't been a completely hopeless day though. This morning we made bread and granola (it seems that much of our "homeschool" these days are home ec. related...because that's what I'm doing all day, but I digress.)

Lavella was pointing to the Pink and Green Cake apron when we were suiting up to bake, and I thought she wanted me to wear it. Not so.

A. Susie, did you realize it was this adjustable?

For whatever reason, I haven't made granola since Jonah was born, and I'd forgotten how much I like my recipe. Today I added some chopped up dark chocolate to my bowl, and it was amazing. (Anytime that you can sneak chocolate into your breakfast, you should.) (Although possibly not into your children's breakfast.) (Unless you want a Very Exciting Day.) (So maybe you do want that.) (Why am I still using parenthasis?)

I found a local babysitter, at long last. She's the 18-year-old daughter of a friend I met at the women's Bible study on post, and lives a few streets over from me. She'll be babysitting them for the first time soon, so Andrew and I tested Jonah out with the bottle to get him babysitter-ready.

He immediately started sucking and drank the bottle like it was no big deal. What a good little guy!


Mom2Zoey said...

Yeah! We just had our first non-family member babysitter last weekend. It was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew! You are such a good "big brother" to Jonah! I love that picture of you holding his bottle. You are a great photographer yourself. That one you just took of Jonah is beautiful. You'll be taking professional looking pictures just like Daddy someday.

We prayed for all of you in our intercessory prayer group today--that all of you are healed in Jesus' name!


Sarcy said...

I am SO sorry that the little guys have been getting sick. Ike got sick for the firs time last week and it was so miserable.

a.susie said...

A.Susie figures any apron you can't wrestle onto a kid isn't worth its salt!!
Sorry you're still dealing with this sickness...