Sunday, June 07, 2009

Date night!

Greg and I went out on a double date on Friday night with our friends, Nick and Heather.

We went to this tapas place, and ordered every single tapas on the menu, hot and cold. (These pictured here are only the cold ones -- I got caught up in the eating, and didn't take a picture when all of the hot ones hit the table.)

It ended up being the exact, perfect amount of food for all of us, which was pretty amazing. It was so fun to be able to take little bites of all kinds of different things, rather than committing to one entree.

Heather and I each got a sangria, which I'd never had before, because they can be cloyingly sweet. This restaurant, however, makes their own from scratch (wine, fruit juice and fruit), and it was totally perfect and refreshing.


Cheese plate

My dessert ("Nougot Variation")

Outside the restaurant we saw a Google cam car, which amused all of us. (Maybe we'll end up on Google maps!)

I think these two people were the Google people. Not sure, but it's fun to speculate.

We had a great night out together, relaxing and fun. It's good to have a night away from the children from time to time.


Aunt Terry said...

Hi,Grandma's House is on Google Maps. When I 1st saw it I thought it was from a satellite looking down right than at me because my car was parked exact same place. But your father told me it was just a picture.I am so glad the my Landscaper was here and did the lawn and bushes before they took the picture.--LOL! I should make a copy--LOL! Miss You All! Love, ME

Mom2Zoey said...

Date night and moms night out are the best!

a.susie said...

I have spent a perfect last hour on the porch with my MacBook, rain falling gently, checking out all the latest posts. After a wonderful day spent with my own fam and grandkids it's lovely to sit here and look at your photos, watch the great videos, and just enjoy your lives vicariously. Thanks for sharing!