Tuesday, June 02, 2009

First food and other things

There are two things I forgot to add to the post about our weekend with Jom.

A video of him talking with Lavella, trying to get her to say some of the funny words she says right now:

Also, Jonathan and I made pizza (I made the crust, and he rolled and loaded them up to bake). This one was our favorite, with a good salami and head cheese we had picked up from the weekly local marketplace:

Moving along to this past week:

On Friday, Jonah had his very first solid food.

He was less than appreciative of it. For those of you who would rather watch a video of it:

I gave him a little more yesterday, and he wasn't any more excited about it. We'll have to keep trying. He's been waking up a lot in the night to nurse, which means he's hungry, so I hope that once he starts really eating "solids" that he'll sleep more hours in a row. Would be nice.

It's hard to believe that the little dude is already 5 months old. Here's a video Greg got of Jonah gurgling and "talking".

Yesterday we went to the graduation party for our babysitter, Katrina. She's moving back to the States to go to a school in Washington with a 4-year ROTC scholarship for the Navy. We'll miss her.

Greg and Lavella played a little Dance, Dance, Revolution -- Greg used Lavella to hit the buttons.

Unfortunately, the video I got of them dancing is sideways. Whoops.


Mom2Zoey said...

Too cute! I couldn't get Delaney to keep anything solid in her mouth until she was almost 10 months old. ~A

Sarah said...

I think Billyboy is the cutest baby yet from the darling household. I love the double thumb sucking.