Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Amidst the month

It's been quite a month. I know I haven't been blogging much, and that's what happens when I'm right smack in the middle of life and have no words...and then I like to wait for the perspective that time and distance provides.  I'm almost there.  I almost have enough energy to write, enough perspective to have anything worth saying.  (Yes, we're all healthy, no I'm not pregnant, and no we're not leaving the Army or moving out of Texas right now.)

So for now, since I seem to be fresh out of things to say, here's a sweet little knit that I completed at least a week ago with a tiny mitten blocker key chain (and pattern) from Kit Envy (I modified it a tiny bit because there is no row-gauge, so I just kept trying it on the blocker until it fit at the thumb and then the fingertips).


Right now I'm trying to get caught up with a pile of mending and hemming that I've been putting off for a while.


I like to procrastinate and let things build up, and then tackle it all at once.  It's a sickness.  Now that I'm elbow deep, I'm finding it strangely soothing.  I've started listening to At Home In Mitford on audio this afternoon (even though I own the entire series in paperback and have read them all -- love those books), and I find that it's the perfect accompaniment to the mindless needlework.

Even though the past month has been a challenge, I feel completely at peace.


And looking at this little face, I see that peace reflected back to me.

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