Saturday, November 06, 2010

Elijah's soccer game

Pics from last week's game.  Elijah is #25 and plays goalie as well as offense (when he grows tired of the slow-pace of goalie life in a Preschool/Kindergarten league).


He's learning the game better each season, and I'm really proud of the way he's begun to work together with his teammates this year (the little guy with the #15 is one of Elijah's good friends, which helps with the teamwork).  So far they've only lost one game. 







There is always action happening on the sidelines as well -- whenever I go to the games, at least half of my attention is absorbed with attempting to keep certain little people off the field.


On numerous occasions I've suddenly realized that Jonah is in the middle of the defense zone, absorbed in his own game.


Preschool cannot come soon enough for this fellow. He can't understand why he can't just go out and play right now!

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