Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 2 of the Cowboy boots

Day number two of outfits styled around my new Frye boots.


Blousey tunic-top and Jeans ("Flirt" leggings -- even though they're actually jeans), both from Old Navy.  I actually wore this today with a thick, handspun purple shawl, because the FREAKING AIR CONDITIONING was on full blast at the stage in our church building.  And I nearly froze.  But thankfully I had that shawl.  Lesson learned: IT PAYS TO KNIT, PEOPLE. I will always be the most warmly dressed girl in Texas.  Except for when I wear shorts with my sweater.  But besides that.

A few weeks ago, I had tons of egg whites left over from my bread pudding with vanilla custard sauce situation, so I decided to make some meringue cookies with some of it (the last 6 egg whites are sitting in my freezer until I come up with another use for them.  Perhaps a winterfruit pavlova...).


These are Chocolate Chip Pecan Meringue Cookies, recipe from Smitten Kitchen.  I highly recommend tasting your pecans before you add them though.  Mine were kind of fruity tasting, which I did not appreciate.  Also, 1/2 a cup of sugar was still almost too sweet for me, so I'd cut it down to 6 tablespoons next time.  I substituted brown sugar for the white, which added a delicious hint of butterscotch.  They're fun to eat though -- almost like marshmallows, they dissolve on your tongue, and, not counting chocolate (who EVER counts chocolate?!) (that's obviously against the rules) (OBVIOUSLY.), they're entirely fat free.  Yay!


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