Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When knitting turns it's back

I'm just about to write about knitting.  And sewing.  And then about dessert.  Brace yourselves.

In my knitting life, the past few weeks have been odd, at best.  Normally, it is no problem for me to pull some yarn out of my stash, a pattern that I'm excited about, and cast on.  Lately though, the yarn I'm interested in working with just has refused to work well with the patterns I have in the foreground of my mental queue.  I swatch, wash, and remeasure, and just can't get gauge.  I have watched about 3 movies, gone to 5 church services, and hung out with friends in the evening exactly 13 times without my knitting(Numbers fudged for the sake of inaccuracy.)

I haven't been sewing either, because the red linen skirt that I had started at least a week ago turned out to be rather fragile, and threatened to fray through the seams in a few places before I'd even finished it.  This was disheartening (I'd serged the edges, but I'm still learning to keep the edge inside the stitches at all times, so it was less than perfect), and meant that I needed to spend time tediously overcasting all of the weak spots by hand.  Not a fan.  I finally just buckled down and started overcasting today, because I was starting to feel a little edgy without some handwork going on.

All of that non-work and boring-work is just not all that fun to look at though, so instead...



I'd never made it before, but used the recipe from Cook's Illustrated The Best International Recipe, and it was rather stellar.


Not too soggy, not too sweet, rather boozy and bittersweet from the strong coffee and espresso mixed with dark rum.  OH YES.  In fact, I'd go as far to say that it was pretty much perfect.  Thankfully, I brought the entire pan to a party, and only managed to walk back out the door with one piece to bring home.  Because I would have wanted to eat it all.

That's it for today folks.  Tomorrow, some handspun (!!) and a bowl of soup.  Don't worry, it totally goes together.

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