Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Elijah the happy guy

Here is the first picture of Elijah being happy. I couldn't believe I actually captured the moment! He has proved to be a fussy little guy, quite unlike Andrew -- I think Elijah has some digestion issues, which makes it hard for him to stay content.

Today he smiled at me a bunch of times. He was lying on his back after I changed him, and he just started grinning this huge, crooked grin and gurgling at me. He just gets cuter every day!
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This sling has been invaluable to me. Sometimes it's the only way Elijah will fall asleep. Also, whenever we go out anywhere, this is a pretty sure-fire way to mame sure eveyrone has a good time. Much better than strolling along with a wailing baby!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comI feel so self satisfied today: this morning I made up the dinner list for the next two weeks, wrote up the grocery list, and then went food shopping -- all before nap time! (Don't worry, I am giving myself a pat on the back.)

Well, both of my little men are sleeping, so I'm going to go knit. Been looking forward to this all day!


sarcy said...

What a cutie! That sling is awesome. I want someone to carry me around in one.

How do you make your dinner list for 2 weeks!!? It takes me forever to make a mere 1-week list. I need some new ideas for stuff Dave will actually eat.

Drea said...

Hey Faith, I really am going to "try" and make it. John has to drive to Syracuse to drop kids off, so I'm unsure what time he is going to get home to watch the kids. Hopefully I'll meet you there since I'm probably going to be a little late.

Drea said...
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Faith said...

Ok, I'll see you there (hopefully!)

Sarah thank you, I like him a lot. =)
When I plan my meals I sit on the floor with all my cookbooks spread out around me and a notebook. Then I just flip through and go from there. Otherwise I'd have no idea what to make either! (My grocery list is done in two stages -- non-perishables for all the meals and perishables for the first week, then the second list is just the perishables for the second week's meals. In the end it costs a lot less than shopping each day for the meal that night.)

sarcy said...

Here's my version. On Sundays, I sit down with my recipe binder (it contains all the Moosewood recipes you sent me, random recipes I've collected, and ones my dad or I "invented"). Then I write out my list in the order in which the ingredients appear in the grocery store. (I'm the only person I know who does drafts and revisions of shopping lists.) Then I guesstimate the prices so I can make sure I stay within budget. Then I'm the nerd with a list and a calculator, clogging up the aisles. When I actually check out, I tend to be $7-13 over my original guess, which isn't too bad, I suppose. But I vow to hone my skills further! I love to obsess.

I think I'll bum some cookbooks off my mom and MIL--you know, DH's mom :).

Alicia said...

Wow, two weeks of meals. I can usually do one week but it usually gets messed up (we eat the food we are not supposed to and mix up the meals). I have gotten grocery shopping with Zoey down but I can't even imagine what it would be like with two. You are a super mom! ~A