Thursday, July 21, 2005

Where have all the music lovers gone?

Vomitorial Corpulence: Skin Stripper (Heaviest band I've ever heard.)
Commit Suicide: Synthetics (One of the best drumers in death metal. And, no, despite the name, they don't encourage or condone killing one's self.)
Michael Hedges: Oracle (Greatest steel-string, finger-style guitarist ever.)
Madison Greene: Nowhere Near Nashville (Really good folk-percussion band. They put on a very good live show too.)
Tortured Conscience: Every Knee Shall Bow (Well done death-grind, fronted by Jeff Lenormand of Vulgar Pigeons fame.)
Frost Like Ashes: Tophet (Good black metal from Kansas City.)
Mike Knott: Strip Cycle (I don't think Mike Knott needs an introduction.)
Calibretto 13: From the Secret Files of the Danger Brigade (Although not around anymore, these guys played a unique blend of hyped-up acoustic-rock that will be greatly missed.)
Raft of Dead Monkeys: Joey… (Half of Ninety Pound Wuss and half of Roadside Monument formed to make this cult classic of a band.)
Earl Scruggs: The Essential Earl Scruggs (The greatest banjo player ever and the originator of the three finger picking style, or "Scruggs-Style Picking".)
Decahedron: 2005 (Shelby Cinca of Frodus / The Cassettes; Jason Hamacher of Frodus; and Joe Lally of Fugazi, later Jonathan Ford of Roadside Monument / Unwed Sailor, formed to make this great, unique band. Although I completely disagree with their lyrical approach and beliefs--anti Bush, anti-War-on-Terror--I respect their music and their passion.)
Stretch Arm Strong: Engage (Great hardcore from South Carolina.)
Necrophagist: Epitaph (The best death metal I've ever heard. These guys are not just your average metal heads, they are absolute virtuosos on their prospective instruments. Some of the most technical stuff I've ever heard. And all four of the band members live quite a distance apart from each other. So when they write, they'll e-mail the different parts they've written back and forth, and then, during the few times they get together to practice, they can all play these ridiculously technical songs. The lead guitarist taught himself how to play guitar, in secret, even though his parents forbade him to learn the instrument in their house. I would put him right up there with some of the best guitar players in the world. Amazing!)
Alethian: Dying Vine (Decent metal from Lebanon, PA.)



sarcy said...

Michael Hedges and Earl Scruggs! I'd never have thought. I'm always fascinated by your listening lists. I offer mine for contrast:
-R.E.M., New Adventures in Hi-fi. One of my favorite bands of all time. In high school, I wasn't supposed to have secular music. I didn't have a car, either, so I walked to the store to buy this CD the day it came out.
-Dolly Parton, Halos & Horns. Don't tell anyone I love her, but she's a hella good songwriter. She does a gospelized "Stairway to Heaven"!
-Bjork, Medulla. This is CRAZY sweet. I literally listened to it for 8 weeks straight. All the music (save a piano on one song) is comprised of the human voice.
-A mix my former coworker made, which I titled "Schmaltz & Jive"--'50s-60s stuff to cut a rug to. Featured prominently at my wedding.
-Evangeline Made. Cajun compilation performed by mostly non-Cajuns. Ballads, waltzes, and some swampy accordian-driven romps.

Pinkey the Axe Fairy said...


sweet list! it's good to know someone cares. if you like bjork, have you ever heard sigur ros? they're from iceland, and i think bjork is too. anyway, it is music like i've never heard before. very sweeping and emotional. the singing is not done in a recognized language, but rather, slyables and enuciations to act as sort of instruments. also, the guitar is played with a cello bow, among other unorthodox experiments.


sarcy said...

I've heard of Sigur Ros but not actually heard them. I think I'll check them out when I get home (no speakers on my work computer).