Sunday, July 10, 2005

of names

In Andrew's vocabulary, my mom finally has a name. He had decided to call both his grandpas "Poppy", so the other day he dubbed my mom "Pappy". The unfortunate thing is that, while "Poppy" is a perfectly fine name to call your grandfathers for the rest of your life, "Pappy" just won't stand the test of time. Toddlers are funny creatures, I tell you!

In other news, I've become disenchanted with the name of my knitting blog "a stitch in line", and am going to change it. The problem is, I'm fresh out of ideas, and need your help. The name doesn't have to be knitting or craft related, it just has to be catchy and fun. The current name sounds as though it was dreamed up by a stodgy 60-year-old trying to be clever. Please help!!


sarcy said...

Ooh, I want to try to think of a name to suggest for your blog. I'll get back with you.

I just wanted to say I'm gratified that you said "stodgy!" This will sound weird, but last week I was trying to find a reason to use "stodgy" in conversation. It was in a book I was reading, and I thought it a Victorianly delightful way to describe a lack of delightfulness!

Faith said...

Great! I hope you can think of something; my own brainstorming has failed me. =(