Saturday, July 02, 2005


The long weekend has begun, and we're back in Binghamton! I say "long weekend" not in a bad way -- Greg has Monday and Tuesday off as well as the usual weekend, so it literally is a long weekend for us (as I hope it is for many of you!)

We are staying at my parents house, and will be spending the day (along with my family, Peisch grandparents and my Uncle Henry) at the Darling's (Pete and Jill's) for the 4th of July. We're going to have a BBQ (or "a cook-out on the grill", for those of you who consider BBQ to be shredded, saucy meat on a bun), swim, boat and maybe fish in the pond, and end the day by setting off several hundred $'s worth of fireworks.

Today, Greg and Caleb set off to fish and swim at the Darlings and then purchase the fireworks stash. I've had a very satisfying day of eating, nursing a tiny guy (which accounts for my possibly sloppy typing at the moment), and napping. My sibling are supposedly cleaning the house, and my Peisch grandparents just arrived from NJ with my Uncle Henry.

So that's my day.

Oh, as a side note, my parents computer is severely screwed up. Something happened to the system manager (I think that's what it was), so their color is wierd and the date is stuck at June 2nd. Pretty much they need a new computer and have needed one for some time, but now it's getting really rough. This is pretty much a dinosaur...if anyone knows of a stray computer that needs a home, it will be very loved and cared for if adopted by this home. (Well at least loved and well used) =)

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