Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

40 weeks today. I was hoping that I wouldn't get to take this picture.

Happy Easter everyone!

Well my friends, very unfortunately, I have no baby picture for you. I am frustrated, jittery, tired, sore, and otherwise "stuck" feeling. The midwife is coming tomorrow, and I sincerely hope that she can help me get something started, if nothing has taken place yet.

In other news, Greg bought an oval shaped excercise ball for me. After blowing it up, he discovered that it's a comfortable place to be... and promptly fell asleep.
Last week we went to the library on post. Elijah thought the most important parts were the stuffed animals, trucks and balloons in the children's area.

Rachel is very good at reading out loud now, and has been Andrew's faithful servant, reading book after book.
Completely unrelated, but rather cute:
Samba, a variation on Nutella, but with more hazlenut (50%) in the equation, and a lot less sugar.

Because of the monkey on the label, the boys have named it "monkey chocolate"; a favorite way to eat it is to dip hard pretzel sticks into it.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter all you darlin' Darlings and rosey Roselles. I know, corny, huh? I loved the pics of you all on the trampoline and at the castle. We're glad you're having fun.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

aah- the beautiful belly... have you dropped yet or might that be a girl in there? =o) miss you. love you tons.....-ma

Mom2Zoey said...

Happy Easter to you too! I love the belly pic. Are you bigger this time?
Completely unrelated, do you have any advice on diaper rash? Delaney has a horrible one and I am at a loss. ~A

a. susie said...

I have no appropriately comforting comment to make. You look so......well....frustrated, jittery, tired, sore, and stuck!
I will simply pray that Baby will decide to make an appearance soon! Love you!

P.S. Greg sleeping on the ball just looks weird!
P.P.S. Stick pretzels dipped in "monkey chocolate" sounds too decadent for words!!!!!!
P.P.S.S. Yea!!!! to Rachel for being a reader and sharing that with friends.