Wednesday, April 25, 2007

kisses and hugs

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes. We started the process to get Lavella's passport, which included her getting a passport picture taken. She wasn't very cooperative, and kept waving her hands in front of her face and shouting at the guy. He did eventually get off a shot, but she probably has a terrible grimace. Ah well. I thought that it was kind of silly that such a small person would even need such a picture.

In the afternoon, two of the wives of the guys in my husband's battalion came over and brought a baby basket from all of the ladies in the group. I was absolutely floored when they walked in the door with this hamper, overflowing with little girl things!
The boys broke into the baby crackers right away, and ate the entire box
before I realized what was happening

The little girl clothes and diapers were much needed, so thank you, thank you!

Today for the first time, Andrew kissed and held Lavella. He's helped me dress her and stuff, but hasn't wanted "real" contact with her, up until today. I just let him take his time, and then when I was taking her out of her swing to put her down for a nap a few minutes ago, he just put out his arms and helped me carry her to bed. She sleeps on my floor right now on her lambie (easier for night-time feedings), so everyone gathered round for kisses and cuddles.
Because it's not possible to post too many pictures (?), here's one of Rachel and Lavella, reading a book together from the other night.
Joy The Hilarious has started a new blog. Check out Well...this is awkward for a few cheap thrills today, and leave a comment if you care to encourage this behavior. (And don't forget to notice the URL address when you get there.)

Alicia, I'm glad that your baby's rash isn't so bad anymore -- the fresh air idea sounds like a good one. Thank you Lisa for the link, I hope that Alicia can find some helpful info in there. MA, do you have any suggestions regarding allergies related to nursing? Shout out in the comments if you can think of anything.


Mom2Zoey said...

That was really nice of them! I didn't need stuff this time around but lots of people brought me meals. That was a big help! It is wonderful to know people are thinking of you.
It is going to be great for Lavella to have two big brothers to watch out for her. I'm sure they will adore her. Zoey is absolutely smitten with her little sis. ~A

Anonymous said...

hmm, allergies... yes- J couldn't deal with garlic or onion or chocolate... M couldn't do broccoli, spinach, garlic, onion, chocolate or caffeine... maybe even some other things, i'll ask big J to see if he remembers any more. Just try out things and omit things the day after to see if there was a reaction... straightening legs and arching back, gas, throwing up, the usual.....
i feel like such a terrible hog for not sending you anything for your bday. i suck. forgive me?
love- ma

Mom2Zoey said...

Happy Birthday! ~A