Monday, April 23, 2007

So it's pictures you want?

Everyone's been asking for more pictures, but first, a response to a long ago question from Alicia. She asked about persistent diaper rash, and, while I hope that she has already found the answer to her trouble, I think it's worth while to bring it up here, in case anyone has something to add. Alicia's baby Delaney is about 2 months old, and is breastfed. I'm going to guess that Delaney probably has an allergy to something Alicia is eating (this could be anything from tomatoes to spinach to wheat...), and that's causing the skin reaction. Does anyone else have other ideas?

On to the pictures. (All of them are clickable for bigger.)

This is a shot that I took for Grace when I was on the phone with her the other night. Lavella has Grace's hairline exactly.

Joel really wanted this baby to be a boy. However, he's completely taken with her, perhaps in spite of himself. He would hold her all day if he didn't have to share with Rachel. He loves to tuck her into his lap and read on the couch at night.My mom baked a birthday cake the morning of Lavella's birth, hoping that we'd indeed have reason to celebrate that night.
We ended up eating it the next day instead, because of all the excitement. The boys had fun blowing out the candles (smaller cake is for Greg with no walnuts or coconut in the frosting).
It was, of course, my Aunt Terry's carrot cake, which is to this day The Best Cake I Have Ever Had. I have no idea why we don't make it more often. I will post the recipe on The Knitting Cook website tomorrow, in honor of my birthday (I'll be 27!), and Lavella's 1-week-day.
As mentioned yesterday, Hannah had to leave on Saturday, but before she did, I got a few shots of her and Lavella together.

I am endlessly grateful for everything that she did while she was here, from taking over the kitchen to entertaining the boys with the "steal me!" game and dancing to Gnarls Barkley with a small fellow in each arm.
Time with Grandma. These shots were taken yesterday. Lavella is getting so much more alert now. She still spends most of her time sleeping, but now when she's awake she really looks around and studies things carefully.
She makes some rather funny faces while doing it.
So there you go. As expected, she looks exactly like a squishy little newborn, but I think that she's 100% precious.

Today I was feeling a little stronger, so Joel, Elijah and I made chocolate chip cookies. (Recipe from back of Nestle chocolate chip package, but using unsalted butter makes them really fantastic)
I couldn't help taking a few pictures of my helpers, because they both have the huge, round, freshly shorn heads.
After I took these pictures I realized how much they look like each other. It's amazing how the genes work out in children.


a. susie said...

100% precious indeed! And you're right, Joel and Elijah DO look alike.

A an odd little sidenote concerning genes: Jordyn has a tiny little cleft in her chin just like Aunt Sara. We always thought that cleft came strictly from her daddy, but since HER daddy is not Jamie's blood's just interesting...and cute!

Anonymous said...

Lavella is Daaaaarling! Just beautiful.

I love the family picture of you all.

I bought some pink things today to take with us to Germany.

Love you all!


Lisa said...

Dear Faith and Greg,
Congratulations on your baby girl! regarding the diaper rash question, I couldn't ignore it. It could be one of few things- aside from the most likely causes being friction/irritation, it could be b/c of an infection (candidal aka yeast) or an allergy to a product being used. I found some info on a trusted source I use often. If you want to check it out at

take care!


Joycee said...

Happy Birthday Faith! I'm sure your birthday wishes have been fulfilled with just having Lavella and the boys in your arms. You guys look wonderful. Have an awesome day =)



Anonymous said...

Hey Happy Birthday from the Williams! You are truly bless with your bundle of joy that the Lord bless you with - a handsome hubby, two adorable sons and a beautiful daughter. You are bless, bless, bless galore!!

Glenn & Kathy Williams

Anonymous said...

P.S. Thanks for showing the pictures of the family. We been waiting to see more of Lavella. She is adorable!

Kathy Williams :o)

Mom2Zoey said...

Thanks, I think it must be due to an allery. That was my worst fear though. Zoey has allergies though nothing ever bothered her too much while I was nursing. Most of them came to the light once she started eating solids. Zoey is allergic to milk (as was I). So, I cut that out of my diet to see if it helped. Hasn't yet though. The Ped looked at the rash and said it wasn't yeast but gave me a cream for it just incase. It too didn't help. It has been warm here the past few days so I have been leaving her bare butt as much as possible. That seems to have helped. I also switched to different diapers. It is better but still there. Luckily it doesn't seem to bother her at all which I can't believe.
The pics are great! Thanks for sharing. ~A

Erin Chan said...

Hi Faith, Greg, and family!! Congratulations! I heard from Catie and she gave me your website. I'm so happy everything went well and that you have a new girl in the house!! She's beautiful, just like all of you.
Happy birthday Faith!
~Erin (from Binghamton)

(additional news, Ed and I are engaged:))

joy said...

hey...i gave you the wrong address to my new site. the correct one is

hahahahaha....well...i laughed