Saturday, April 28, 2007

The first day

I totally forgot to mention: the recipe for the cake that I mentioned a few days ago, Aunt Terry's Carrot Cake, can be found at my podcast blog. It's an amazing confection, and if you've never tried it, well, you should.

Yesterday was my first full day alone with the three children. It was challenging, and I'm sorry to say that I appear to have less patience than I had remembered, but we managed, and even had some fun moments.
In the morning, we went out with out brand new double stroller to mail something at the post office. There were rocks thrown in the stream, some ice cream was consumed, and Lavella slept through it all.
Thankfully Greg came home before their bedtime and entertained them with "dancing with all their might" (Joel's name for taking off their shirts and dancing like crazy in the attic. I don't understand it, so ask Joel).

On my podcast and fiber blog, I refer to my children by nicknames to protect their privacy. Andrew is Sparky, Elijah is Max. I'm having trouble coming up with a name for Lavella though, so I've opened a contest on the fiber blog. The prize for the winning name is some German gummy bears and a skein of my handspun yarn. However, if any of you want to enter the contest, if you win, I'll just tailor the prize accordingly (read: more candy, no yarn -- unless you knit or crochet or just think that the yarn would be fun). So go on over there and leave a comment if you have an idea! (In case you're new to links, click on the blue words, and it will take you to the page I'm referring to.)

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Mom2Zoey said...

I posted over there but I'll add it here too. How about Ruby? When ever I read Max I think of Max & Ruby the kids tv show about a sister and brother bunny. She is a precious gem too.

Oh yeah I wanted to share too that Delaney's rash is healed. We annointed her with oil and prayed over her at Bible Study and the next day it was completely gone. ~A