Thursday, May 31, 2007

G'night, sweets

Today we went to the story hour at the library on post for the first time. I was hoping that the boys and I might find some friends. There was one other mother there, with her little girl. My boys were so incredibly shy and reticent to even look at anyone, that the other mother and I never even spoke to each other. Andrew just stood outside the door of the room for the first 20 minutes, and then lay on the floor with his hat over his face for the rest of the time. Even peanut butter cookies and strawberry Fig Newtons weren't doing it for him. My goodness.

The two ladies directing the story time ended it by having the children re-pot these flowers, which was so sweet. Elijah finally decided to help shovel some of the dirt in, but Andrew crouched behind my chair. As soon as everyone left, the boys tongues were suddenly loosed again, and it was all questions, all the time (back to normal).

We checked out some videos and I got the first Harry Potter book on audio. I've been wanting to read them to see what all the fuss is about for a while now. Jom told me that they were very well written and enjoyable. I knit and spin so much though that I don't make the time to read all that often, so I have really enjoyed getting into audio books recently. I'll keep you all posted on what I think of this one.

After that, we went to the post office, picked up some things at the commissary, stopped by Greg's work to have lunch with him, then back to the commissary for stuff we forgot the first time around. We got back home at 3, and Elijah was totally exhausted, but thankfully he went down well for his nap (even though I may have given him a little bit of chocolate...)

Here's two videos for you. The first, Elijah says what I say to him when I put him down to sleep ("G'night, sweets"), and in the second, Lavella smiles (she really does at the end), and Elijah is drinking a bottle. They were recorded yesterday.

(Notice that Lavella's little head is still bobbing around, even though Elijah is "putting her to bed")

(They're all lined up for assembly-line diaper changing)


Amanda said...

Awww! You have the most beautiful children. I had to go back and read that Elijah was the one drinking the bottle because I thought it was Andrew at first. They are looking more alike, but still so different I'm sure.

Love to you all,


MA said...

i find myself cooing and trying to get lavella to smile while watching the video. it's like when we hold our kids (even though they're almost 4, can you freaking believe it?) and we still rock them side to side like a baby. mother's instinct i guess. miss u much.