Monday, May 21, 2007


Greg is back to work, and instead of telling you about this hectic thing or that insane moment, let's just look at some cute pictures.

Yesterday, Elijah was running around like this:
(Note the too small sunglasses, too big slippers, dirty face, worn-out jeans, monster truck video in the background)

And then some Lavella "action shots" (borrowing that phrase from my mom), taken today:

On days like today, I need to remember that someday the two small fellows won't need to be commanded to eat every bite of dinner, that the tiny princess won't need to eat every two hours and be held almost every moment between, that my life won't always revolve around baby/toddler nap schedules and food needs. And I'll miss it. I just need to remember that.


Mom2Zoey said...

That is what I keep telling myself too. I have to add in there "Someday she will pee in the potty." ~A

Shannon W. said...

We must all remember that because someday will be here way too soon...;P

Chase said...

Hey Faith and Greg,
Thanks a million for the German candy. Amanda and I especially enjoyed the REAL Haribo Gummi Bears. There is just something so much better about them, maybe it's the different flavors, I don't know, but I do know that we ate the whole bag on our trip up to Atlanta and back last Saturday. The chocolate was great too, especially the ones in the shiny silver packages, mmm. We love you guys! Hope to see you sometime soon if at all possible.

Jonathan Rosselli said...


Jonathan Rosselli said...

She's a sweetheart.