Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All kinds of fun

Well, I think that we might be finally over our jet lag. Since I can read the clock, I was able to figure out what should be day and night. The boys, on the other hand, weren't waking up in the morning until I got them out of bed. Tempting as it was to let them sleep until they saw fit, it wasn't a good way to get us back on schedule. I started getting them up at around 9am, and now Elijah's back to his usual 7:30 business. Sadly. I was really hoping that he'd just rewire himself to the later time, but no such luck.

Since I have so many pictures to blog about from our trip, I'm going to start today with a collage of misc stuff from all different parts of the trip that didn't fit in anywhere else. (Click for the gallery that this set belongs to.)

Misc Fun

The top four pics are from Joy's birthday. Hannah, Grace, Joy and I went out together to Dinosaur BBQ to celebrate. There was much good food, dancing, and Lavella missed the entire event (check out her face in the second photo down from the top). If you're ever within driving distance of the joint, you must check it out. The food is fabulous, the service good and quick, and prices are low. I love it!

Next are from when Caleb was at my parents. He managed to squeeze in a one week visit with us, and the boys had lots of fun running around outside, climbing trees, wrestling and playing football with him.

Right in the middle there are some shots from our morning of blueberry picking. So much fun! While the boys napped later on that day, my mom and I made blueberry muffins, blueberry shortcake, and blueberry...something. I can't remember. Tasty!

The blurry "concept" photo is Sean, performing as bass guitarist in his band, "losing.fate". Hannah, Caleb, Grace and I went to see them do a show at Magic City Music Hall.

One row up from the bottom is our visit with Aunt Terry and Grandma Annette. Lavella was a little doll and let herself get hugged and squeezed by everyone. Aunt Terry won big points with the boys by giving them a bunch of dinosaurs, "shooting cars", and ice cream bars. They talk about her fondly.

Bottom left are the socks that I started spinning the yarn for in the week after Lavella was born, and finally finished up on the way home from Aunt Mary Ann's and Uncle Bob's beach house.


Shannon Wells said...

Faith those are the absolute coolest socks that I've seen in forever! The color is great! Nice job...I so wish i had the patience to knit.

Deep said...

Grr. It's losing.fate - Sean might not notice though. He failed Spelling.