Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Eis Cafe!

We went out for ice cream for Andrew's birthday (Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob sent him a check for his birthday, and a little bit of that went towards this -- he says "thank you!")
Sparky and Waldmeister ice cream

Max, eating the cone, leaving the ice cream in his dish
I got a Marsala Becher, which is a few different kinds of ice cream with Marsala poured over the top. Tastes a lot like the Italian custard dessert, Zabaglione.
Marsala Becher.  Mmmmmmmm...
Greg got his favorite kind of becher, Kiwi.
Mr. FiberFlash with a Kiwi Becher

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Signor Bruno Martello, Doge di Milano said...

It's spelled "zabaglione."