Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wrapping it up

Ok, so I've been blogging all of the trip pictures at a painfully slow pace. But the trouble is, I've been having rather rough days lately for various reasons, and just haven't had the extra energy for blogging. In the interest of getting all the pics on here so that I can proceed to blog in "real" time, here are the last three collages -- all from our visit down the shore. (Clicking will take you to the gallery for that particular set, in case you want more details or care to download any.)

On one of the crazy windy, rainy days, we decided to go to a lighthouse. It has a long pier, which some of the braver among us ventured out on. (Just to clear things up, Lavella and I were not among the brave.) My gosh it was cold. Notice my dad (in bottom right corner) trying to make due without hat or hoodie. He was the one who told us to pack for cold weather. Hmm.

After freezing at the lighthouse, the only logical stop was an ice cream stand.
Ice Cream
I've never met anyone like Joy. I don't suppose anyone ever has.

Finally, the last day we were there was (sort of) warm enough to visit the beach. Some of us actually swam (I dipped my toes in and when they instantly turned to ice I decided not to be one of them.) All in all, we had a sandy good time.

Well my friends, that wraps up the trip pictures. Thank you once again to Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob for hosting us, and to Aunt Terry for letting us stay there for a few days as well.

Missing you all! Much love, hugs and kisses.


Mom2Zoey said...

Sorry to hear about your rough days. You will be in my prayers. Great pictures! ~A

Sarah said...

wow those ice cream pictures are grand. i wish i was grace and joy, i mean, wait.