Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh the random things you will see...

This is my latest favorite read in blogland:
Cupcake Bakeshop
She's got beautiful pictures, interesting recipes, and her site is easily searchable! (Check out her right-hand sidebar) Her latest is Sweet Corn, Maple and Bacon Cupcakes.

The other day I had to bring in groceries, so I left Lavella with Andrew. When I came back, I found him reading to her.
Sparky reads to Daisy 2

Sparky reads to Daisy

Last week Lavella cut her first tooth and had her first "solid food":
Daisy and her first solid food
Really, she just chewed on this carrot, but it counts, right?

I'm blond again.
I'm blond again

Boy kisses

The boys got haircuts:
Rainbow socks in progress
(They're modeling my latest pair of socks in progress -- rainbow colored yarn that is dyed to stripe itself while I knit)
I don't think that I could ask for cuter sock blockers

I found Elijah inside the refridgerator yesterday, looking for grenadine.
Raiding the fridge
"I need the wed (red) stuff"
Little Raider
Greg, in his Apocolypto pose:
Greg decided that the inside of these truffles were the only good part. He chilled them, then cracked the chocolate coating open with the side of a butcher knife, and re-wrapped all of the fillings.
Shelled truffles
True story.
The truffle sheller
Lavella, who is now five months old, was helping Jillian out with the laundry.
Daisy in a basket
She's almost strong enough to start thinking about sitting up on her own now.
Daisy in a basket 2


Anonymous said...

lint truffles are my favorite non-expensive ones... harry and david, my absolute faves. can't believe greg cracked out the insides. you two crack me up. miss the heck out of you. lavella looks cuter and cuter with each photo. the boys are so freaking big! mel's bday party is saturday. wish you guys were here. can't believe its been so long. =o( miss you beauty.

a. susie said...

Greg, that is SO you! I especially love the nose one...did that smart?
I would chunk all the chocolate off the truffles too if it was milk chocolate! What a way to ruin a truffle!

Pinkey the Axe Fairy said...

a. susie,

yeah, i guess it did smart a bit, but really, once i got all of them on, the whole experience kind of made my eyes water. the expression in the picture is more pained, than Tough-Guy-Mayan-Warrior.