Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Down the shore

In the third week of August, my three Littles and I went with my parents and most of the siblings down the shore to visit Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob and their gorgeous new house. Well, I guess they've had it for about a year now or so, but I'd never seen it, so it was new to me.

I loved their new layout, the decor, and the way that they incorporated old pieces that I remember always seeing in Aunt Mary Ann's former condo into the new one.

They were very gracious hosts, and somehow found a place for each of us to sleep. We had intended to spend a good deal of time at the beach to try and stay out of their hair during the day, but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with that plan. I have more pictures of things that we ended up doing instead, but here are shots taken inside the house.

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Uncle Bob said that Lavella reminds him of his daughter as a baby; the two of them hit it off quite well, as you can see in the top of the collage.

Aunt Mary Ann -- so sorry that I didn't get more shots of you! I only realized it after we'd left and I was sorting through them all. You do make a cameo appearance in the third picture down from the top on the left. Whoops!

Thank you so much to Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary Ann for a beautiful get-away, fun visiting, incredible food, meeting cousins that we never knew we had, and for agreeing to have us all. I don't know if you'll want take us in full force again in the future, but we certainly had a wonderful time.

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a. susie said...

Great pictures...looks like a fun family.