Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Andrew's 5th birthday party

For Andrew's 5th birthday, my in-laws graciously offered to host the party at their house.  Everyone had such a great time.  To view all of the pictures in the set at their full size, click here.

One of the high points of the day was the slip-'n-slide that Pete and Jill had set up on their hill, extending it with 4 or 5 tarps. 

I ordered an ice-cream cake from Pat Mitchell's.  Joy's 17th birthday had been the day before the party, so I had the cake decorated with her name as well as Andrew's, and both of their favorite colors (green for him, blue for her).  Pat Mitchell's did a great job; it was beautiful, their ice cream is great, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Joy REALLY enjoyed it.

Some random shots from the day:

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day:

Grandma and Grandpa D.

My mom, Jill and Aunt Norma taking on the water slide (from this picture it would appear that they were going very, very fast.  That was not so.)

Lavella with a tackle-box full of snacks (from Pete and Jill).

A bunch of little cousins (and Christopher).

Andrew watching very carefully as Pete lit the candles.

Lavella, after my dad fed her ice cream cake.
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a.susie~ said...

I LOVE the one of Gramma & Grampa D.! How quintessentially "them"!
Also love the Lavella "ice cream face" & Lavella "scarfing out of tackle box" one! Those both went into iPhoto.
Thanks for sharing them...and thanks for sharing the day with all of us.

Mom2Zoey said...

That looks like the best birthday party ever! I want a ride on that slip and slide!