Saturday, September 06, 2008

Labor Day fair

On Monday, we went to the Labor Day fair in my parents' town.  Lavella was supposed to be with us, but she ate some of my moisturizer just before we walked out the door and started throwing up (3 times total), so my mom stayed behind with her.  Lavella's fine now.  As it turns out, if you puke it out of your system post-haste, crisis is averted.

I was appalled at the price of rides, but allowed the boys 3 each.  Because really, what's the fun of a fair (when you're 3 and 5) if you can't do any of the rides?

Elijah chose this first one, and Andrew graciously allowed him to sit in front.

They went in the Jumpy Castle with Rachel.  This was kind of a bad idea because it was almost impossible to get Elijah back out after the alloted amount of time; I was afraid that I would have to go in after him (that would have really drawn a crowd with the unsteady footing in there and my big belly!)

Their total favorite though, was the ferris wheel.  It was the smallest one I've ever seen (the view from the top was, I'm sure, not even quite over the tailors surrounding the rides area, but apparently very thrilling when you're their size.  (You can just barely see the boys if you look carefully at the top left car.)

Of course, there was also cotton candy...

And pop corn...

And then hot dogs were eaten for our "real" dinner. 

The boys also spent a good long time tiring themselves out on the playground there, which proved to be one of the most entertaining parts of the day for them.  (Isn't it funny how the free things often end up being the very best?)

There were to be fireworks later on in the evening, but we were too tired (and I was hungry for something other than fair food), so we went home just before dark.

By the time we got home, Lavella had recovered fully, and we had a good peaceful bedtime.
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Mom2Zoey said...

We took the girls to the small amusement park/fair this summer on half off day. They loved it. There is just something fun about the fair!

beka said...

Wow! It looks like you guys have had a lot of fun between birthday parties and fairs!! Judah just turned 5 as well. It's crazy!!