Saturday, September 13, 2008

Walk in the woods

On the Poppy and Nana days of the week, often Pete will just come and get the children since it can be difficult for me to procure a car for the entire day.  On the days that I do go out there, I often just do my thing at the house (knit, spin, read, rest), and the kids go and do all of their favorite things outside.  A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to see all of the cool things that they do, so they took me on the full tour (as you'll see in the pictures, my little sister Rachel came with us that day too.

We took a walk on paths that Pete maintains through the woods near their house.

We checked out several of the sturdy bridges Pete has built over each spot that a stream crosses the path.

We stopped at several blackberry patches.

Andrew in a sluice pipe.

Cute little chocolate lab puppies.

Tiny kittens at the barn.

There is a big trampoline in the hay loft over the barn.  (And no, I didn't jump on it myself -- but it was fun to watch everyone else!)

And then, just for Greg/Daddy, Andrew and Elijah would like to show this picture of "the thing that shoots balls" in the hay loft:

(NOTE: most of these pictures taken by Nana/Jill)
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Mom2Zoey said...

That looks like one awesome place to spend the day!

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

so many memmories!

I have a blog now!