Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting things done

The children have normalized their sleep schedules, so they're now sleeping through the night, and this morning they woke up at 7:30am.  In my life before kids, it would have felt like a travesty to wake at such an early hour, but (as long as I get to bed early enough) I've realized that much can be accomplished in a day if it's started just a bit earlier.

While they ate breakfast, I got these loaves in the oven:

Date-nut mini-loaves (Mary S.'s recipe!) and Honey Whole Wheat (my mom's recipe, of course)

I got the laundry going (we have a tiny washer and no dryer, so this is an all-day job with all of the hanging out of things and such), and then we opened up the two boxes containing our Kindergarten curriculum (Sonlight).

I really, really like it, and the boys were so excited about learning everything, so I feel hopeful for the upcoming year.  Of course things will get crazy around my due date, and I'm not sure how all of it will work with the added time-suck of a nursing baby, but for now, this feels good.

It's 2:30pm.  The children have just finished up their quiet times/naps, and are watching their afternoon video.  We're going to have BLT's for dinner (on the whole wheat from this morning and bacon re-warmed from a pancake/bacon/eggs dinner last night), so we'll go out to pick up tomatoes and play outside in a few hours.  Easy dinners = good dinners.

Here's some pics I've taken of the past week since we arrived here:

Breakfast is fun again at our "new" old table (for the first few days, the boys kept yelling "Hey!  I remember this!!!" about each re-discovered toy and piece of furniture through the house)

Eating pretzels and pretzel rolls from the nearest bakery -- the perfect snack to bring with us while driving onto post to get groceries, etc.

Getting a wagon ride with their two little girl friends by the girls' grandpa

Lavella opted out of the ride ("NO!"), choosing instead to use the neighbor's little car while everyone else was distracted

Having fun at our favorite playground on post after picking up the mail

(The yellow rainboots are actually too small this year, but they insisted on wearing them one last time)
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The Kansas City Hoovers said...
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The Kansas City Hoovers said...

I'm glad that the kids traveled so well for you. What a blessing. I've looked at the sonlight cirriculum. It's awesome. good luck with that.

a.susie said...

Great photos! It's so wonderful to see everyone home and happy. Have you ever posted the honey whole wheat recipe? It looks delicious! Being a bread baker I'm always on the look-out for great whole grain recipes.