Friday, August 20, 2010

Bittersweet...the last days of summer

The summer is drawing to a close.  It has been a wonderful summer, full of creative fun, challenges, reading books together, learning to be more patient, organizing our days so that the my children can experience the innocent joys of a childhood summer...

This week has been so busy preparing for this coming Monday, the 1st day of school.  Each morning has been a scavenger hunt at store after store, accomplishing their school supplies list:


My patience has been sorely tried with dozens of pencils and crayons dumped out of boxes and sifted out through the shopping cart, children screaming through the notebook aisle, searching for the required colors of plastic folders, learning what in the heck a Map Pencil is (colored pencils.  Why can't the list just say "colored pencils"?!), sourcing giant sheets of manila drawing paper and construction paper (Hobby Lobby) and Prang brand watercolor paints (also Hobby Lobby).... but now that the list has been accomplished, I want my children to be able to drink in the fleeting last few days before their school starts... the last few days of being Big Wild Happy Loud Crazy Us.

Watergun fights (as watched through the window by hesitant baby),

playing with a great big fresh batch of smooth, warm playdough:

reading chapter books (we've just started Mary Poppins),

Last night was Meet The Teacher's Night, and the boys have been buzzy with excitement about the potential of exploring their new classrooms, new schedules, new teachers, and so in anticipation we set up their playroom as a classroom yesterday:

I don't pretend to know what was going on with the Santa Clause hats, but it was rather cute.  Later on as we were walking out the door to meet their teachers, I noticed that, while Elijah was still dressed as Father Christmas, Andrew had changed into full Cowboy Attire (complete with a wooden sword and a flowered leather embossed purse slung across his body.  It was amazing.)

Today there will be swimming and sunshine and reading and cuddling... we're all very much looking forward to the beginning of this next school year, but at the same time, it's a little bittersweet....and for that, I'm glad.

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