Friday, August 06, 2010

Chock full of Pennsylvania fun

At 8AM Saturday morning, we set off on a 3-day road trip to Pennsylvania and New York for our summer vacation.  Amazingly, the children were wonderfully behaved (thanks in part to audio books in the morning and DVDs after lunch, supplemented by carefully chosen toys, books and games), and on Monday night, we arrived at our first destination -- my husband's parents' house.  We were shocked at how simple the trip seemed though, and then we realized something: this was our very first trip that we've ever taken as a family without either a nursing baby or me being pregnant. MY GOSH!!  I'm so glad that we have all of these children, and I am also glad that my body is no longer feeding or incubating any of them.  I'm just sayin'.

I knew that our days would be crammed full of family and fun and photo ops, so my intention was to blog each day, but we brought the wrong camera cord, so I couldn't retrieve my pictures until my brand new card-reader arrived in the mail today.  (!!)  The upside is that the card-reader is a good deal faster uploading pics than the camera hook-up.  Also it's cool looking.  Always tryin' to look on the bright side, my friends. 

So to catch you up: so far we have boated and gone swimming in the pond,


played on a rockin slip 'n slide/country-style water slide,





baked bread and pie with cousins,



went fishing,



jumped on the trampoline in the hay mow over the barn,


visited round the campfire,


 and breathed some fire.




My mother-in-law Jill


Greg's cousin Rachel


Greg's cousin Kyle

Greg's Aunt Shari

It's been some kind of fantastic to be home again.  More adventures ahead!

(If you need even more pics of the past few days, you can click on over to the Flickr set.)

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