Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wrapping up the summer...

 On Friday we met up with some friends and spent the day on a pebbled beach.








Yesterday I cut apart two decommissioned uniform tops of Greg's and turned them into insulated lunchbags for the boys:


I used a double layer of Insul-Bright (available on sale at Ann's Fabrics and Crafts in widths of 22.5" and 45".)   I tested out one of the bags with a tiny cold pack inside of it, and with the zipper closed, the pack was still cold -- although not frozen -- after 6 hours.  Not bad!

I have so many zippers in my stash, that it wasn't hard to find ones in the boy's favorite colors:


As these were each cut from the two fronts of Greg's uniform tops, his name tapes are still attached, so I just wrote their names in permanent black marker underneath the embroidered last name (not shown -- on the other side of these).

The insides are oilcloth (purchased at in their favorite colors:


It is SO HARD to find fabric in boys patterns!  All of the laminated cotton and oilcloth available locally is flowered or otherwise Super Girly, so I was relieved to find a boy appropriate solution for this project.


I left some of the buttons on the button-bands, to emphasize the This Used To Be A Real Uniform factor.

Overall, the bags are a bit narrow for my taste (and a little wonky overall, sewing wise), but the boys love them.  They're from their daddy's old uniforms and handmade by their mommy, and they think these bags are awesome.  It comforts me to know that they're taking a little bit of handcrafted love with them to school.

Today I'm working on turning this embroidery of one of Elijah's self-portraits (which I completed during our road trip):


into a pillow for him to take for class quiet times.  And then...we are ready for school.  Tomorrow morning is coming soon...

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