Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In conclusion (NY trip wrap-up)

And at last, the final post of our trip!  I've been busy since we got home to our house in Texas on Sunday night, but I finally have a litte break in the action this afternoon, so here we go!

On the last full day before we left, I did a photo shoot of my parent's current litter of puppies so that they could put the pics up for prospective buyers.  Greg helped me wrangle the little guys; they're just at the age where they're getting much more playful, so it was quite the trick!  Here are a few of the outtakes:



For the full set of portraits, you can check out their Flickr set: Golden Retriever Puppies.

On our last night (Thursday), Greg and I went out to dinner with Hannah and her boyfriend Shane, Grace, Joy and our friend Jaime.  We had an incredible dinner at the Number 5, and then, of course, there was dancing.


Dancing with Joy is quite the experience.



Grace and I


Deanna joined us towards the end, just in time to be pulled on to the dance floor with the rest of us.  I know she appreciated it.  :-)


Grace and Jaime

At the end of the night, Grace and Jaime suddenly found it imperitive to find out who was stronger.

It was quite the struggle...


But in the end, Grace won.


Hannah wanted to take on Grace next, but it just wasn't a fair fight.


So she wrestled Joy instead.  Of course Hannah won.  I'm not sure why Joy even tries.

And finally, the last photo of the night, and our trip:

We seriously have to get better at this whole self-portrait thing.  (Gotta love the Squashed Greg look.)

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