Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk!

On Thursday morning, the entire household managed to rouse itself and get out the door by 10:30 AM (you will recognize how miraculous this is if you have ever traveled or done any sort of schedule planning with any of my family.)  (Not point fingers, just saying.)  (I will surely be slayed now by all of my family.)

Moving on.

So yes!  We made it out of the house and went blueberry picking at a patch very close to my parents' house.  It was great to decompress and work together as a family for a little while, and with so many hands picking together, we made short work of harvesting a full 4 buckets worth of berries before the youngest children started Naptime Meltdown.  Success!








The two toddlers ate all that they picked, Blueberries for Sal style.

Christopher, Jamie and Lavella

Joy and Alison

My dad, Grace and Rachel

Jamie and Lavella

My mom and Andrew

Joel and my mom

Jonah and Isaiah with Hannah

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