Friday, March 18, 2011

First snapshots of our adventure

Normally, we do a linky post on Fridays, but since we just got back from vacation we've been working to unpack and re-set the household.  I haven't scrubbed through all of the trip photos yet, but here are a few snapshots for now (including a few you may have already seen), and I'll be back with more vacation fun in the next post.


Watching Florida pass by the car windows as I knit



Jonah didn't want to hear the music anymore.  Or maybe he was just listening to the "wa-wa" of clapping his ears.  No one can be sure.


Knitting at the beach.


The little super-heroes come to save the day.


Duking it out on the golf cart.


Knitting away the miles on the trip back to TX.

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