Friday, March 11, 2011

Link-tastic Friday

Do you ever start packing to go somewhere, and realize that you're just piling clothing on the bed, with no real idea what you will actually wear when you get there?  Yes?  Me too.  


No one should need this many clothes for only 6 days

By the time you are reading this, we will be well on our way to our Spring Break Destination... for the next week, there will be some mobile blogging (maybe even a silly little video clip or two) interspersed with a few pre-scheduled posts.  If you have comments that really need an answer during this next week, be sure to check back in the comment section -- I'll be answering all questions there, unless you ask me directly via email (faithad{AT}gmail{DOT}com), because my only internet connection will be my phone, which is a little limiting.

Now lets get on with those links!

  • I want to make both the kerchief and the hat for myself.  Adorable! (Tutorial via WhipUp) 
  • I realized that I linked to cuffs for boys last week, but these are even cooler, because it's actually a zippered pouch that fastens around the arm.  My boys are forever bringing home treasures from the playground, and this will give them a better option to pebbles/"jewels"/airsoft pellets tumbling out of pockets whenever I do the laundry.  (Via Made)
  • For a while now I've been meaning to make freezer-paper-stenciled shirts.  It would make such a perfect, personalized birthday gift, or just to celebrate the everyday with my children. (Via Skip To My Lou) 

Food (savory):
  • Finding new ways to make dark leafy greens is always high on my priority list.  And if Smitten Kitchen says that this is The Best Baked Spinach, then I'm making it! 
  • A good curry is a beautiful thing.  I will definitely be making this Red Thai Duck Curry sometime soon (via Pioneer Woman Cooks).

Food (sweet):

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