Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Introducing...What I Wore Wednesday

Since a year ago, February 2010, I have lost 20 pounds.  It had a lot to do with the fact that I had just weaned Jonah, and for the first time in 7 years was not nursing or pregnant, but I also joined a gym and worked out with varying degrees of intensity, and also started paying attention to what my body really needed to eat (rather than all of the extra calories I was accustomed to consuming to account for always having to also nourish another tiny human).

As the weight started to come off, and all of the pregnancy/nursing hormones started to subside, I began to feel something I hadn't felt in a very long time: I began to feel like myself.  As I started to become comfortable in my own skin again, I finally felt like I might want to cut my hair again, dye it fun colors, wear occasionally dramatic make-up just for fun, wear skinny jeans, put on a pair of great heels, explore my closet for long forgotten vintage finds...

I still don't fit into everything -- when I first became pregnant with Andrew I was 22, and I'm almost 31 now, so my body has changed a little, and, while I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, a few pounds may have settled slightly differently than they started.  But overall, I am feeling more confidant in who I am and what I look like than I have in a very long time, and that makes me excited about playing dress-up on date nights and experimenting with make-up -- dabbling in working my own style like I did before the children.

Recently, I've been reading some style blogs, and as I've played around with putting my own outfits together, the thought has crossed my mind: I kind of want to blog about this.  So here we are with a new blog feature "What I Wore Wednesday".

This new feature is intended to be a fun little diversion from the crafty/cooking/mommy posts that we usually have around here.  If you do the same on your blog, please leave a link so that we can all check it out! I love to see how other people put clothes and accessories together.  It's inspiring!


"Going To The Rock Show"


New hair color: Garnier Nutrisse "Hot Tamale"


VS Kiss Capri in Foil print, Steve Madden Hondd booties, long-sleeved black pocket-T from Old Navy.


Smokey grey and black eye shadow with black gel liner and black mascara.


(For a DIY version of these jeans, use metallic fabric spray paint on a well fitted pair of your own jeans)


(Sorry that the heel was hidden in the grass!  It's not easy to take a picture of your own foot...)

Let me know what you think about What I Wore Wednesday; it just might stick around for a while!


Boogie said...

Faith, you look fabulous!

Jill said...

Way to go on the weight loss! Good for you. I'm glad you feel like you again!

Noelle said...

I like em'. LOVE the fire engine red hair!

Rebekah Hoover said...

Perfect for a rock show! I totally hear you on the weight thing. I have been even lower than my pre-prego weight and still didn't look the same. I don't like how things settle in different places, but have learned how to be content with where ever I'm at. I tend to fluctuate about 7lbs which might not seem like much, but feels very different.

Anonymous said...

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