Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

On Friday March 11th, our family got into our van (packed the night before) at 7AM and left for our Spring Break trip to Florida (specific town will remain undisclosed for the privacy of those who live there).  Greg had booked a hotel for that night, intending to only drive till dinner time, but we decided to see if we could actually push through.  This was our first time driving for such a long distance without a nursing baby or without me being pregnant -- both situations dictate that we have to stop at least every two hours, so we wondered if this time we could finally just DRIVE.

I had packed breakfast food to eat on the road, and then we stopped for lunch to make sandwiches from the cooler and let the children run around.  For dinner we stopped at a restaurant and let the children run around again, but other than that, we didn't have to make any stops (limiting water to little sips-as-needed helps a lot with minimizing the bathroom breaks).

In the end we decided to drive the rest of the way there after dinner, so we cancelled the hotel and arrived in Florida at 11:30PM that night.

Lavella and Jonah had never met Greg's maternal grandparents, so it was good for them to be able to visit, even though Jonah was getting over the flu, and is fully into his Challenging Terrifying Two stage.  Overall we had a wonderful time, found some fantastic restaurants (thanks to Greg's grandparents, who directed us to all the right places), and got all good and sandy and beached-out.










Lavella, showing Grandmom and Grandpop a picture she had colored for them.


Our favorite meal of the entire trip was here, at Finns taco truck: blackened fish and shrimp tacos, baked sweet potato circles, shrimp ceviche, and chicken and cheese quesadillas. 


Knitting on the beach.



Fresh, raw oysters on the half shell: the best food on earth.



Crawfish boil (sucking out the heads is the very best part).



Riding bikes at dusk (Lavella and I are wearing headlamps under her helmet/my hat, because we don't have headlights for all of our bikes).

We drove straight through again on the way home, and even though it felt a little grueling to be in the car for so many hours, it was really nice to not have to unpack into a hotel room, and to crash into our very own beds at the end of the journey.

We had a great time in Florida, and look forward to visiting there again!

For even more pictures of our mini-vacation, click on over to the Flickr set here.

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