Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Sometimes I hate stripes. Sometimes I love them. I think you might call that a love/hate relationship. Whateves. Today I love them.

This outfit started with the shoes.  Because it's all about the shoes.  Also, I spared you the picture of me trying to climb up on this thing, when the camera's self-timer went off just as I realized that I was in heels...  You're welcome.

Shirt: Old Navy Woman's Rugby Stripe, Pants: VS Siren in Dark Shadow, Shoes: Bergman Heel (from, Necklace: Red Wooden Bead from Hannah D's.

In fashion, knitting, crafting, cooking, life: what do you love to hate, or hate to love?

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Celeste said...

"In fashion, knitting, crafting, cooking, life: what do you love to hate, or hate to love?"

Fashion: LTH "looks" for a new season. I just like classics, why do they have to go out of style?
Fashion: HTL sexy heels and pointy toes that my feet can't handle anymore. ::sniff::

Knitting: LTH angora; it breaks and sheds...tell me again why it's desirable?
Knitting: HTL alpaca but only because it's so spendy

Crafting: LTH projects that call for a lot of supplies I don't already have
Crafting: HTL Christmas magazines that make it look like all these things are do-able in time for THIS Christmas

Cooking: LTH the chopping and other prep! I just want to prepare it already!
Cooking: HTL food made with cream-of, they go down easy!

Life: LTH the way that it's just never enough for some people, and the lengths they'll go to for "more"
Life: HTL the irrational joy of a cancellation giving me an oasis of found time...even when I was glad about the original plan. What I gather from this is I need more down time.