Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life with a two-year-old



The sweetest, most cheerful baby I've ever met, has suddenly realized something: he's two years old.


His opinions on things are so strong, that he says "NO" with his entire body.


Nothing that I suggest is "OK" with him...until he suddenly decides that it was HIS idea all along.


Mr. Sunshine has turned into Mr. Make Mommy's Life A Stressful Wreck, and there's no help for it.


Some days, by the time Greg gets home from work, I've had the "fight" beaten straight out of me, and I don't feel able make even the smallest decision.  Someone asks me if they can have more dressing on their salad, and I turn into a stammering mess.  My nerves are shot; it's exhausting.


But then there is that delightful smile.


And the belly laughs.


And once again, I am charmed by my little social terrorist.

This too shall pass....

1 comment:

Stacey said...

You make every aspect of life so funny. He is precious, and thank goodness I am done with two-year-olds. :)