Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Purple Buttercup Birthday Bag

For Lavella's birthday, I made her the dress that I pictured in yesterday's post, along with a coordinating bag (matching inner fabric lining).

Her favorite color is purple, and she loves anything "princess", so I just put as much girly ruffle, lacy trim and tulle-fluff as I could muster into one of my Pillowcase Dresses, and gave that to her on the morning of her birthday (Sunday).  I also made a matching hairclip out of tulle and grosgrain ribbon, which looked so sweet amidst her curls.  I've decided that I am going to start a collection of handmade bows for her -- it's pretty much the most fun and easy accessory that I've ever made.  Also, I love any excuse to dig out my oft-neglected hot-glue gun.

For the bag, I followed the free Buttercup Bag pattern.  Since I used quilting-weight cotton for the outer and inner, I also sandwiched some mediumweight interfacing between to give it extra body and strength (4-year-olds -- at least not mine -- are not all that gentle on things like bags).

Purple Buttercup Bag

I filled it with a large pack of flavored chapsticks, which nearly ended up overshadowing the gift itself.  I'd promised that when she turned 4, she could have her own chapstick (assuming this was old enough for her to no longer feel compelled to eat it by the stick...)  She added a large handful of her accessories, and has had this bag on her shoulder ever since.

Purple Buttercup Bag: contrasting inner liner and pocket
Floral lining to match her Birthday Dress, complete with a little interior pocket.

Because a girl should never be caught without her accessories.

Purple Buttercup Bag: topstitching and pleating detail

Topstitching and pleating detail -- this WAS perfectly pressed, but as I said: 4-year-olds are rough!

Daisy in her birthday "Princess" dress with Buttercup Bag

Most importantly, she finds it useful and fun, and she loves the fact that I made this, just for her.  A mother's love and time wrapped up in a handmade gift: there's nothing like it.


ma said...

oh my, you are so talented. please tell me what your secret is to finding time to make things??? do i just need to wait another year? i can hardly find time to shower some days....

Melodeejoy said...

I want one!

a.susie said...

Great bag. Interfacing is always a good idea.
I love kids having their own bags to carry things in. After many, many walks carting home in my arms all of the treasures Hunter and Jordy picked up in our travels, I finally made them their own little "field bags". They could bring home as much as they could fit in them and carry themselves. They use them all the time. Hunter has graduated to a larger field bag of mine...my old one...so Isaiah has inherited his small one. He looks so cute with it slung over his shoulder. He's very proud of it.
Sounds like it was a fine 4th birthday!