Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Concrete Minerals

Today, instead of an outfit, I've dressed my face!  That only sort-of made sense.  Right.  Moving on.  I've been trying out six different shades from Concrete Minerals this past week (using L'Oreal De-Crease primer on my eyelids first, to help the eyeshadow to last), experimenting with different combinations, and have photographed my look each day.  (Please excuse the differing shades of natural light -- these were taken at different times every day.)


First, a very subtle look.  This is Vegas on the lid, Ruse in the crease.  Brown pencil eyeliner on the outside edge of top and bottom.



Smokey eyes.  I used Swamped as a liner all the way around, Vegas on the lid.  Black gel eyeliner on top, black pencil on bottom.



This one is the wildest of the bunch.  Longtime readers will remember my distaste for orange, so I have an announcement for you: ORANGE is back!  I am totally in love.  This is certainly not an "everyday" look, but I love it for it's punch and vigor.  I could have done a little better with the liquid eyeliner though (macro-zoom = yikes!)

Napalm on the lid and crease, Vegas on the inner corner, black liquid eyeliner.



This is my favorite combination: Temptress in the outer half, Croma on the inner half.  Black gel eyeliner on the top only.



Greg's favorite.  Swamped on the outer half, Ruse on the inner.  Black gel liner on the top, black pencil on the bottom.


WOW that was a lot of freckles.  Also, I totally tweezed my eyebrows with Photo Shop.  Because I rock like that.

Overall impression of Concrete Minerals: this is pure color with no parabens, fragrances, dyes, talc, and other bad stuff.  It goes on smoothly, and the jars have little shaker tops so that you can dispense a small amount of product at a time, rather than risking a full spill of your new favorite shade.  How can I not love it?  Now I'm just dreaming of which shades I'll try next...


Jill said...

I will have to agree. I like Greg's fav the best too.

Jenny_Phillips said...

My favorites are Swamp Thing Eyes and Temptress Eyes

a.susie said...

I am SO glad orange is in for you again. I adore all things orange!

(My favorite is...the freckles!...seriously! They are SO gorgeous!)