Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Butterfly Leprechaun

There's not much to say about this outfit...

What I Wore Wednesday: Butterfly Leprechaun
VS Siren Legging Jean ~ long-sleeved slub-knit shirt from Old Navy ~ Frye Women's Dara Honeycomb Sandal ~ handspun, handknit Beachwater Bolero ~ Gothic cross necklace, unknown ~ green butterfly hairclips (sizes Large and Medium), Sprinkles and Frosting.

Except to say that I really like green. Really. A lot.

What I Wore Wednesday: Butterfly Leprechaun

Although most likely I'm not actually a leprechaun...mostly just because of the shoes.

Frye Dara Honeycomb Sandal

Because otherwise, I'd be a total doppelgänger

Green butterfly hairclips

Lavella also has a butterfly outfit of her own today:

Birthday dress from Uncle Jonathan
Dress from my brother Jonathan for her birthday.

Daisy in dress from Uncle Jonathan and butterfly hairclip

Golden Monarch butterfly hairclip also from Sprinkles and Frosting.

We've been very into hair-clips lately.  I've been thinking about Top Hat Fascinators lately...

What is your favorite color?  Do you also like to wear it?  When you look at your wardrobe, do you tend to see a whole lot of the same color, or do you like to mix it up?


Jenny_Phillips said...

Gorgeous Darling! My favorite color right now is YELLOW - seriously it needs to said in all caps. I love to wear it right now. Green looks great on you.

Jill said...

Black. I tend to go for the black and white dresses, sweaters and things even if they come in other colors bc it looks so sharp.

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