Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cravings and new cars

For the past few days, I've been craving bacon. Normally, I almost never eat meat (only because it's often not appealing to me -- not because I'm a vegetarian -- but that's a blog for another day), so this craving is really weird. With this baby, I've had some unusual cravings (for me). There's been a few times now where I NEEDED bacon, and then another time when we were food shopping and I found myself buying hotdogs (either Nathan's or Hebrew National -- the only kind there are, as far as I'm concerned) (I'm showing my colors as a food snob, I'm afraid) and sauerkraut, which were then consumed at 11pm that night. I think that the "toddler cardio" of chasing Andrew around must be helping me keep my weight in check, because I'm on track with the last pregnancy, surprisingly enough. Sometimes I scare myself with what I want to eat, but I realize that it's really okay to give in from time to time and just have exactly what I want. So for breakfast today I had an avocado, tomato and bacon sandwich with mayonnaise. The only saving grace in this meal was the homemade bread I used. =0

Today on the way to the mailbox with Andrew, I noticed something by the dumpster: a black, rugged plastic, little-kid pick-up truck! Now, I've never picked anyone's garbage before, and as all of the apartments in our complex surround and share the dumpsters, I felt especially awkward doing this, but...well, Happy Spring to Andrew! It's used but in great condition, and it is propelled by the child's feet, which stick through the bottom. I always wanted one when I was little, and when I saw this, I just couldn't pass it up.

This is a gift for me too! For the past half-hour, he's thoroughly amused himself by climbing in and out, beeping the horn, and spinning the steering wheel. So great!

My questions are: is the taking of other's trash ethical? Should I have asked someone? If so, who? My landlady was in the office -- should I have asked her?

(Note: pics of the little guy in his new "caw" will be posted tomorrow -- I'm currently at my monthly download limit for Funtigo.)


susie/mom/a.susie said...

i'm new to apartment living, but as i understand it, taking "garbage" left beside but outside the dumpster is completely ethical and indeed expected. the person COULD simply throw the item into the dumpster. instead they leave it OUTSIDE the dumpster just in case someone may find a use for it before it disappears.
with that said, i too feel funny just taking things sometimes...

Anonymous said...

trash is great, and i've been craving bacon too. weird. but i'm not pregnant. extra weird. -sarah

Captain said...

Oh, man! Stuff like that is totally up for grabs!