Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Joy Quotes

If you don't know Joy well, these may not be so funny. They are all true.

Posted by Faith, but recorded by Greg:

Occurrence #1. Eating a container of cottage cheese: "What kind of cheese is this?"

Occurrence #2. While tasting food, asked me about the other times she'd been caught "anonymously". (Was the catcher anonymous, or the catchee?) (Is "catchee" a word?)

Occurrence #3. Feeling a lump in Faith's belly "Is that the baby?!"
"Well what else would it be, Joy?"
"I don't"

Occurrence #4. After being repeatedly laughed at for being ridiculous, Joy went upstairs to read. Not even ten minutes later, Joy returned back downstairs, announcing, "I'm not back, I'm just putting my book away." Joy proceeded to stay downstairs for more mocking.


susie/mom/a.susie said...

okay, the cottage cheese one?...i'm sorry, but that is GREAT!!!

love -joy- peace said...


susie/mom/a.susie said...

don't be offended joy. i'm a very intelligent blonde with a higher than average IQ who says some really DUMB things sometimes! just ask sara!