Thursday, March 17, 2005

shoe fetish

On Monday, Joy, Andrew and I went shopping for shoes (for Joy). Andrew adores shoes, and also loves rearranging things. Unfortunately, it ended up being a sad day for him because we had to leave each store to go to the next, at which time he would lie prostrate on the floor and look up at us, squealing. By the time we got to the last store, he decided that he'd just rush around and check out the whole store as quickly as possible. I turned around to find him in deep discussion (one sided, since it was Toddler-english) with a man trying on shoes about a used ped...the ped from unknown sources, stiff with sweat. He must have found it in a corner somewhere. So gross. Ah well. What doesn't kill you makes you strong, as they say.

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Anonymous said...

that's hilarious-sarah