Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Originally uploaded by faithdarling.

Originally uploaded by faithdarling.

Finally, we have a digital camera! It came by UPS today, and I am SO EXCITED! Unfortunately, the SD card that I had bought a while ago isn't the right kind for the camera, and with the card that comes with the camera, I can take only about 10 shots. Oh well. I guess a large capacity card is next on the list.


Keith said...

Looks like Andrew is all ready to be a Greek olympiad! (2nd pic)Glad you got your camera!

gary said...

Well, you certainly bought a great camera, wow! Temporarily you could lower the pixel's down to get more on the camera, but you already know that. Next you'll need an iPod Photo to show off everything! Susie and I will have our notebooks this weekend, so bring your USB cable and we'll show them for ya! Enjoy