Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Really, Nobody Cares

Listening List For the Week:

Showbread: No Sir, Nihilism is not Practical
Denison Witmer: Philadelphia Songs
Ed Gein: It’s a Chame
The Witness Protection Program: He Has the Technology
Over the Rhine: Changes Come (Live)
Blindside: About a Burning Fire
Sigur Ros: ()
Not Waving But Drowning: An Anthology of Sorts
Daniel Ryan: Piping by the Oaks of Mamre
Reuben Morgan: World Through Your Eyes
Frodus: And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea
Raft of Dead Monkeys: Thoroughlev

Check them out if you care.


Keith said...

Is blindide About a Burning Fire good? i saw it their site and it looked cool.


Captain said...

Ooh, Over The Rhine! Darn you for igniting the desire to listen to the music of those i have not!

Pinkey the Axe Fairy said...

yeah, "ababf" is good, but i liked "silence" better.